At Reddford House teaching our students to give back and help those less fortunate is just as important as teaching them to strive for educational excellence. A great amount of focus is placed on identifying organisations, schools or communities who need assistance in one way or another.

Reddford House Blue Hills aims to raise students’ awareness of the importance of advocating for justice and kindness. Through our various community projects and drives throughout the year the students are given the opportunity to explore ways in which they can play an active role in bringing about a positive change in their school and their broader community.




Mandela Week

To honour our late president Nelson Mandela, ever year we support Mandela week, however not every year follows the same theme across the campus. This year we are looking at donating toys to orphanages (ELS Campus), cleaning our school and classrooms to help our ground staff for 67 minutes(College Campus), collecting at least 67books to the schools share brary (Senior Prep Campus) and finally donating clothes to as many organizations as possible (Junior Prep Campus).


Barefoot Day

National Barefoot Day is an annual celebration held on June 1st of every year, however we do it before winter due to the weather conditions. The aim of this charity is to teach our children what it feels like to be a child with no shoes for half a day. Each Reddford student, teacher and parent does their part by donating a pair of new or used shoes to those who do not have any. The shoes are given to various NGO's, many based in our community.


CANSA Sprayathon

We support this great cause annually by spraying our hair, buying bandanas to wear and donating the money that is raised. CANSA’s mission is to be the preferred non-profit leader that enables research with regards to lowering cancer risk, educating the public regarding symptoms, screening and risk reduction, and providing care and support to all people affected by cancer. CANSA is committed to connecting people facing cancer with information, day-to-day help as well as emotional support they need in the communities where they live. Their aim is to ensure that cancer survivors and their loved ones don’t have to face cancer alone; they support them through every step of their cancer journey.


End of Year Charity Drive

At the end of every year, we like to teach the children the act of giving. There for the ELS gather a shoe box of various things and wrap it up for an orphan to open. The JP and the SP collect tinned foods, as well as other dry ingredients for us to make packages for all our teaching assistants and ground staff to thank them for all their hard work they put into the school throughout the year. The College collect tins of dog/animal food to donate to our local SPCA to support the animals that don’t have homes.