Our school boasts world-class educational facilities that enables academic, cultural and sporting excellence, further enhanced by our dynamic teachers, handpicked to inspire exceptional learning experiences.



Zain Strydom, Head

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As the Head of Campus, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Reddford House Blue Hills, an established Inspired school based in the Kyalami, Midrand area.

We take pride in the relationships formed between home and school; we understand the desire for parents to provide their child with the best value education possible to ensure that their child has every opportunity in their future that you can imagine.

Our school strives for our students to not only become academically successful but also show resilience and determination when they are given opportunities to follow their passions and dreams. We believe that all students finishing their education at our school should leave as well-rounded members of the community, who care about not only their immediate friends and family but are compassionate to others and understand the importance of being a truly global citizen.

Our academic staff are not only experienced, qualified educators, but are passionate and enthusiastic individuals. They all share the same vision and ethos of our school nurturing creativity and passion within our students, to ensure that they excel not only in their lessons but within their social settings too. They recognise the importance of adapting to an ever-changing educational landscape and instil in our students the desire to become adaptable, independent learners who recognise the importance of change.

While we take pride in the success of our academic programme, we also offer a wide selection of arts and sports so that our students can pursue their own personal interests throughout their time at school and enable them to become well rounded, lifelong learners.

As a school leader, I understand the importance that parents place on selecting the correct school for their child. That is why at Reddford House Blue Hills, we encourage parents to be part of the community, asking questions and being involved in the education of their child.

So please do book an appointment to visit our school and see how a Reddford House education can change your child’s future.

I look forward to meeting you at our school.